Saturday, December 3, 2022

Rotary Club celebrates Hindi Diwas

Jamshedpur, Sep 15: Rotary Club of Jamshedpur West (RCJW) arranged a debate on Hindi language amongst its members in their weekly meeting to celebrate Hindi Diwas. RCJW members debated on the proposed topic “Hindi is still relevant in today’s India as National language.”

Members refuted each other’s points and everyone enjoyed the war of words. One thing everyone agreed on was that one needs to think seriously to make Hindi popular among all and actions must be taken to make this language more user friendly amongst all.

Joohi Samarpita & Dr. Sujata Mitra judged the best speakers for and against the motion, Rotarian Amresh Sinha was the moderator of the debate.

Rotarian Suchanda Roy choudhury, Aklavya Rajan, Dominic Xavier, Moulick Ranpara, Rotary spouse Deepti Singh and Nandini Sinha Raje participated in the debate. Nandini Sinha Raje & Dominic Xavier were adjuged as best speakers for and against the motion and Deepti Singh was awarded as audience choice speaker award.

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