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Retired Bank officers donate bicycles to D. B. M. S. Lilliput students

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Jamshedpur, Oct 8: A group of Retired Officers of Bank of India on Thursday donated Cycles to the needy as well as disciplined 10 students (8 Girls and 2 Boys) of D. B. M. S. Lilliput School, who are staying far away from the school.�

The programme held in the school assembly area saw parents of students also attended the function.� Thus they boost the morale of these students towards their studies.�

Members of the school managing committee also attended the programme.� � B. Chandrashekhar, Jt. Chairperson,�Mrs. Lalitha Chandrashekhar, Jt. Chairperson,� Mrs. Lakshmi Varadharajan � President of the School, Mrs. Srividya Narayan � Secretary,��Mrs. Indu Modak � Jt. Secretary, Mr. P. K. Banerjee, Mr. Raghavan Reddy as well as Mrs. Radha Srinivasan, Co-ordinator of D. B. M. S. Lilliput School and teachers were spotted.

Officers who donated 10 Bicycles�include Partha Bangabash,�Pranab Kumar Dey, Subir Choudhary, Amal Kr. Chakraborty, Debi Prasad Paul, Budhadeb Chakraborty and Amit Acharjee

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