Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Residents block Jemco Main Road in protest against potholes

Jamshedpur : Over 200 residents blocked Jemco Main Road near Telco over poor condition of the road. The blockade was removed after assurance by Telco police station officer-incharge, Kamleshwar Pandey about informing SDO Dhalbhum for immediate steps to repair this road stretch. The Telco police official also arranged for temporary filling of potholes through fly-ash from a private company through a local contractor.

Sources informed the protests sparked after a youth of Mahanand Basti fell from his bike this morning due to bad condition of the road.The Jemco Main Road which is maintained by Tata Steel subsidiary JUSCO has around 100 meters stretch in a ramshackle condition. The road, apart from being used by heavy vehicles for private companies is also used by residents as it is the sole connecting road to residential area like, Azad Basti, Laxminagar, Prem Nagar, Ramadhin Bagan and Manifit.

” The situation is grave. Every day an incident is reported we have no choice but to block road in protest. This road has not been repaired for more than two years. The potholes make it difficult to commute especially on the 100 meter stretch due to numerous potholes,” said a protestor.

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