Saturday, December 2, 2023

Repair work of Mango roundabout leads to traffic snarl

Jamshedpur: The repair work at Mango roundabout continues to inconvenience commuters. Traffic congestion is taking place almost every day leading to the sufferings of office goers and others.

A businessman from Mango faced a tough time reaching his office today. A resident of New Purulia Road in Mango he was riding a bike got stuck up in a jam session  near the bridge.  But, somehow he managed to come of the snarl and instead took the old bridge to reach his office via the Subernarekha Link Road.

” The commuters are regularly facing this ordeal ever since the pavers block laying work began around the roundabout earlier this month,” said he.

Commuters are also forced to inhale dust caused by the road construction work. ” Negotiating through the roundabout  has simply became a nightmare these days. Apart from snarl, commuters are also confronting air pollution caused by the flying dust,” pointed out another commuter Kriti Kumari, a student of Karim City College who stays at Mango.

Today too, cars, auto-rickshaws and two-wheelers moved at a snail�s pace on the bridge and also on the connecting Subernarekha Link Road that leads to Sakchi and other parts of the steel city

Scores of commuters are facing a harrowing time due to a traffic snarl which continued for several hours.

The commuters complained that often they confront with such situation.  Long queue of vehicles including trucks, trailers, auto-rickshaws, cars and two-wheelers could be seen at the Mango bridge and the approach roads– Dimna Road, Pardih Road, Old Court Road and Bhuiyandih Road.

A section of commuters also blamed the traffic department for its inability to control the situation. �There would not have been such a chaos had there been traffic constables to manage the situation,” complained a commuter.  Traffic police were deployed to control the situation two hours after the jam began. A section of youths also volunteered in managing the traffic.

A traffic constable deployed on the Mango bridge admitted the fact that traffic congestion have become a regular phenomenon. ” With expansion programmes of Tata Steel and other companies, there has been a rise in the number of heavy vehicles. The pitiable road condition is also to be blamed as it often causes breakdown of vehicles,” he said .

This stretch is used by heavy vehicles and long distance buses coming from different parts of Jharkhand for going to Bengal, Odisha through Ghatshila and Baharagora. According to city police survey, around 2 lakhs vehicles cross this stretch every day.

Traffic police who had to call the crane and manage the traffic during the jam could be heard cursing the road construction officials for bringing things to such a shape.

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