Friday, December 1, 2023

‘Refineries of the future would be large with integrated chemicals plants’

Haldia: The 69th Republic Day was celebrated at Haldia Refinery, Indian Oil at Cluster-11, Football Ground on Friday. CK Tiwari, Executive Director, Haldia Refinery unfurled the National Tricolour.

In his address, CK Tiwari, Executive Director, Haldia Refinery paid tributes of freedom fighters and said, ’26th January is the day when we Indians gave to ourselves our Constitution.

We guaranteed fundamental rights to every citizen, we made ourselves a Republic with universal adult voting rights, we made every citizen � male or female equal. We made ourselves a sovereign, socialist, democratic republic. In the year 1950, these were progressive thoughts to be enshrined in constitutions of newly independent nations. Democracy itself was a concept practiced in a handful of a Nations, that too those which were advanced at that point of time. I say, it was progressive, as nations which became independent at more or less at that point of time, either became autocracies or theocracies or experimented with democracies, only to fail to establish it properly.

For India to become a developed nation, we must give thrust to the nation�s core competencies. Petroleum Sector is one of the core sectors and serves as the backbone of economic prosperity. It provides the true impetus to growth. Many milestones have been achieved in our collective journey to energize India. Yet there are miles to go.

The global oil and gas industry is reinventing itself in search of an optimal trajectory into a sustainable future. The good news in 2017 was a return of cautious optimism across the industry. The refining sector is facing another dilemma. With changing product demand and likely projections for the future, a clear emerging trend is that the refineries of the future would be large and flexibly configured, with integrated chemicals and petrochemicals plants.

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