R&D environment at NML attracts school students


    Jamshedpur : Students from Samudayik Ucch Vidyalaya. Barigora, Jamshedpur, accompanied by two teachers Arun Kumar Singh and Mithilesh Kumar Singh visited CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory this morning under the initiative of School-NML Interactive Programme (SNIP).

    The programme was scheduled for three and a half hours which comprised of an overview of Indian Science and Technology, Documentary film show on CSIR and NML, visit to NML Museum/ Archive/ selective units of the laboratory and interaction with working scientists to have an exposure of modern laboratory research environment.

    Abhijeet Kumar, a student said, “I have a mixed bag of emotions within me. I am thrilled, excited, delighted and nervous. I feel privileged that I got this opportunity to visit the laboratory and interact with the research scholars here. For me it is an opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks to CSIR-NML for such a noble venture”.

    “I came to know about many things which I barely knew earlier. It was a wonderful experience rejuvenating my thought process”, said Satyam Kumar another student after the programme.

    Ravi Bodra, was of the view that the lab visit helped him to know the practical application of science and different outstanding research going on in the field of metallurgy and material science.

    “The visit taught me to look at things differently and science from a new dimension. I want to pursue science in a more meaningful way”, said Suraj Kumar.

    “I loved the way things related to science and future career prospects were explained to us. To me it proved to be very encouraging”, said Vivek Kumar, a student.

    “I hardly knew earlier that an organization like NML exists in our city and is helping the society and contributing towards the growth of nation in an innumerable ways. I feel proud to visit the place and explore the new areas of scientific research here”, said Nitin Kumar Pandey after the programme.

    Dharmendra Sharma, a student said, “The documentary film show on CSIR and NML was very fascinating and motivating. In a jist we got to know the entire functioning ranging from drug research- aerospace- genetic engineering- agro & food- ecology & environment- mining, minerals & metals-health care- rural development- leather industry to almost I believe everywhere.”

    Dr. N. G. Goswami, Chief Scientist and Head, Information Management and Dissemination Centre and Coordinator of the programme, motivated the students explaining about the importance of science learning by citing lively examples related to day to day life activities and how it can change our life, environment and society.


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