Friday, June 2, 2023

Railway police to review CCTV cameras of Tatanagar railway station


Jamshedpur : Railway police has decided to review the effectiveness of CCTV cameras installed at the Tatanagar railway station in order to ensure better vigil at the station premises. The idea is to ensure better security to passengers and infrastructure.

The railway police will review effectiveness of all the 48 CCTV cameras installed at the platforms and foot overbridge in the Tatanagar station.

Superintendent of railway police, Tatanagar, Mohammed Arshi said they have decided to review of the existing CCTV cameras following complaints of poor footages.

“In the past, we have succeeded in nabbing several culprits after studying the footage but now there have been complaints over the quality. We will check the quality of the existing surveillance cameras by engaging an expert team shortly.

If we get a feedback that the installed cameras are below standard and are not able to cover the image from a least 200 metres, we will recommend for replacement of the gadgets with effective ones,” said Arshi.

The SRP said the railway police do not have the resources and fund for replacing the existing cameras. Even if these gadgets have to be changed, we will have to approach the railway authority for getting the gadgets replaced with the better ones or get effectiveness of these gadgets upgraded.

He said the covering range of the CCTV cameras should be 200 metres, but the existing ones are much less than the desired effective range.

�Tatanagar Railway authorities are using CCTV cameras installed at the station premises to help crack down on crime. The CCTV footages recently led railway police to arrest two chain-snatchers while they were trying to snatch gold-chain from a lady passenger.

Thanks to a growing network of security cameras, railway is using a new strategy to fight crime. No doubt the security cameras give extra eyes on the system and add an important layer to security efforts.

More such CCTV cameras must be installed at other places places to curb crime,� said UK Srivastava, a senior functionary of Chotanagpur Passengers Association.

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