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Raghubar Das presents one year report card


Ranchi, Dec 28: Eight road projects worth Rs.9,000 crore are to be launched in January in Jharkhand in a broader effort to take development to the very last person of the state, Chief Minister Raghubar Das said on Monday.

“Eight road projects, including a four-lane bridge over the Ganga at Sahebganj district worth of Rs.2,110 crore, will be rolled out next month by union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari,” Das said.

A long-standing demand, the bridge over the Ganga will be a convenient link for people travelling between Jharkhand and Bihar and well as Jharkhand and West Bengal.

“The state government has resolved to take governance to last person of the state. We will not compromise on the issue of corruption and ensure transparent governance,” he said.

Das said all promises made to the people would be fulfilled over five years of his government.

Asked about the constitutional obligation to have at least 12 ministers in his cabinet, Das said, “This is a non-issue. Ask people related questions”.

As per the constitutional provisions, the minimum number of the ministers in the state cabinet should not be less than 12. Jharkhand has 11 ministers, including the chief minister.

Chief Minister further said that instead of past, Jharkhand should look forward to future in terms of development. The negativity related with development of the state has been negated and hope and light has dawned. Das said that the past year will underline the development of the state in the forthcoming years.

CM said that the govt. derives strength from the will of the people. Since the people are with the govt., his govt. will fulfill all promises made with them. The govt. will present ATR of the work done as promised with people on the floor of the house before presentation of the annual budget 2016-17.

The govt. is all committed to fulfill the expectations of the people with their positive participation and reciprocation in implementing true governance.

Praising the opposition for their creative role in ensuring governance, the CM said that first time in the history of Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, the opposition parties withdrew their proposal during the cut motion.

He patted the govt. for playing crucial role in abolishing C-SAT, underlined the govt.’s positive endeavor on the domicile issue with the help of political parties and intellectuals when there was a big hue and cry on it but unfortunately, the matter could not be resolved.

He said that the govt. has asked for written suggestions from the political parties on domicile but no suggestion has been received so far. The govt. will decide as soon as the suggestions are received.

Quoting former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Das said that power is means, not destination. So there is nothing to boast about it. He said that the people’s way of thinking has changed owing to the actions taken by the govt. during the year. Now Jharkhand is recognized at National and International level.

Referring to the schemes/projects started by his govt., the CM said that the work will be visible after some time. The legislative and executive are working fast to achieve the goals.

He said that the people’s necessities and problems have to be considered and sorted out. Hence the govt. will review the works done during the year so that new plans can be made for 3.25 crore people of the state and their hopes, aspirations and expectations can be fulfilled.

Thanking the officers of different departments of the state for their untiring work, the CM said that the state could not have achieved grand success in implementing the schemes without their positive efforts. He said that the Union Govt. is going to expense Rs. 9,000 crore in building roads in the state and the foundation stone will be laid by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari in January.

Regarding implementation of proper management at RIMS, the CM said that a few departments will be shifted to Civil Hospital from RIMS and basic amenities will be expanded over there.

Appealing to the media to publish factual news only and not to frame an unimportant matter as scandal, he said that the media has played pioneering role in 2015 in bringing the matter of importance into the notice of the govt. and limelight. He repeated the govt.’s commitment with transparency in governance, employment generation and women empowerment.

Addressing the press, the Chief Secretary Rajiv Gauba said that the govt. has succeeded in making an ambience of development with its decisions and positivity.

He said that different departments of the govt. have played crucial role in preparing new projects/ schemes and launching them effectively. He said that the implementation of rules has sped up and Ease of Doing Business is making the lives of common people -along with commerce and industry easy.

Mr. Gauba said that the govt. has passed a budget of Rs. 31,690 crore this financial year which is more than 2/3rd of the budget presented last year (19,400 crore). Moreover, 50% expenses of the budget have been ensured by now in comparison to 30% last year.

Principal Secretary to the CM as well as IPRD Sanjay Kumar said that the govt. has kindled hope in the common populace and a lot of positivity has dawned on to the people. The Govt. is trying to consider 151 services under Right to Service Act and strengthen the delivery system.

He said that the govt. has taken 814 decisions in 42 cabinet meetings which will play important role in the days to come.

Urban Development Minister Mr. C. P. Singh, Rural Development Minister Mr. Nilkanth Singh Munda, Health Minister Mr. Amar Kumar Bauri, Water Resource Minister Mr. Chandraprakash Choudhary, Education Minister Mrs. Neera Yadav, Additional Chief Secretary Mr. N.N. Pandey, Development Commissioner Mr. R.S. Poddar, Principal Secretary, Finance Mr. Amit Khare, Principal Secretary, Road Construction Department Mrs. Rajbala Verma, Secretary, Sales Tax Mrs. Nidhi Khare , senior officers of different department & journalists of print & electronic media were present on this occasion.

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