Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Public upset over anti-social elements gathering at Jamshedpur’s Mathura Bagan Park, BJP announces agitation

Jamshedpur, Jan 9: BJP has announced a campaign against the gathering of anti-social elements at Mathura Bagan Park. A park built by Tata Steel at Mathura Bagan adjacent to Tuiladungri in Golmuri, awaits its inauguration till today. Even after the lapse of more than two years of the construction of the park, till date that park could not be inaugurated.

Due to this, the beautiful park has started falling into disrepair. Taking advantage of this, anti-social elements consume drugs there, due to which the local people are very upset. Recently, near this park, there was an incident of firing in which a local woman was seriously injured. On the request of the residents, the saffron party has announced an agitation for the beautification and early launch of the park by meeting in Mathura Bagan on Sunday.

Under the leadership of BJP Golmuri mandal president Ajay Kumar Singh, former BJP District President Dinesh Kumar specially participated in a meeting called by the residents. He announced that the BJP would launch a phased agitation for a proper solution to the plight of the park. It will start by submitting a memorandum to the Tata Steel USIL Management and Tata Steel on Monday. After this, on January 12, on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda Jayanti, BJP workers with local people will clean the park by doing Shramdaan. For this, talks will also be held with Management and JNAC for proper cooperation.

Dinesh Kumar said that in the year 2019, on the instructions of the then former Chief Minister Raghubar Das, the park was constructed in Mathura Bagan, courtesy of Tata Steel. Due to the change of power, the inauguration of this park is pending till date.

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