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Prominent citizens join hands to make Jamshedpur cleaner


Jamshedpur, Sept 30: In an attempt to make Jamshedpur clean and support PM Narendra Modi’s nationwide drive of transforming India into a clean and garbage free country, a group of prominent citizens of the city will be launching a ‘Swachata Abhiyan’ on Friday, October 2.

Talking to the mediapersons about the whole new initiative, Dr. Tridibesh Mukherjee, former senior official of Tata Steel and brain behind this campaign said, Jamshedpur has always been a beacon to the rest of the country in all forms of civic amenities; be it water or electricity supply, smooth roads, parks and even in the level of cleanliness of its public spaces.

However, we citizens have generally looked to agencies or Jusco to provide these services but it’s high time we should evolve and involve ourselves, Mukherjee added saying that we propose the slogan ‘Swach Karenge, Swach Rakhenge’ as our guiding principle.

He further informed, during my visits to China and Singapore couple of months back, I noticed that sophisticated equipment is a must for maintaining cleanliness, very simple and expensive techniques were used to create a highly clean and garbage free environment.

China uses a simple bamboo stick split like a large pair of tweezers to pick up garbage and Singapore uses pedal rickshaws with built in bins to collect garbage. These are not very hi-tech equipments but are essential in order to make Jamshedpur as No. 1 City in Cleanliness, Mukherjee noted.

Another former Tata Steel Official Niroop Mohanty who is a part of the initiative said, to introduce these simple, effective means we would hold a rally on October 2 comprising of School Children, prominent and other concerned citizens to move through the Sakchi Boulevard (Main Road) from the Postal Park in Bistupur to the N Road crossing and back.

Industrialist RK Agarwal also part of the initiative said, We would explain the use of these simple instruments and techniques to the members of the commercial establishments and handover some of these instruments to the establishments.

In the first leg of the campaign, 4 Rickshaws will be provided to Dhatkidih, Jugsalai, Kadma and Sakchi on October 2 and the rickshaws will move on regularly from October 3 to enable the picked garbage to be deposited and later transported to the dumping areas.

Dr. T Mukherjee informed that Swachata Abhiyan Forum would be operating these rickshaws for a couple of months and would later hand over to agencies to continue this task for the long term. Present at the event were Raju Sharma, Shuvra Mukharjee, Charles Borromeo, Kulvin Suri, Ashish Mathur and others.


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