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Police probe focuses on rumour mongers, Journalist Association lodges complain

Jamshedpur, June 1 : The police probe into lynching incidents at Nagadih and Rajnagar seems to have confined to the rumour mongers only.

Acting tough against those involved in brutal kilings of innocents, the police had arrested two more persons were arrested in connection with the lynching at Nagadih ( in Bagbera) and Rajnagar on Wensdesday. The total number of arrests made in both the incidents has gone up to 11 so far.

” We are looking for more suspects. We are confident that all those involved in the killings will have to face action as per the law. So far we have arrested eight persons in connection with the Nagadih lynching incident, but only one of them, Rahul Sardar, was a named accused. Rest of them are being arrested after interrogation of the suspects,” said the OC. He said there were 17 named accused.

When questioned over the police role in nabbing culprits, he, said that relatives especially female members are putting hurdle in the police action.

“The women in tribal dominated Sundarnagar thana area are not cooperating with us. We are thinking of taking action against the house-owners where those wanted in Nagandih lynching incident had taken shelter,” said the officer-in-charge.

Jharkhand Journalist Association has lodged a complaint with the additional director of police, special branch, Jharkhand after Jamshedpur police filed an FIR against a journalist of a vernacular daily Sushil Agrawal (45), who is also alleged to have played a leading role in spreading rumour about the child-lifting gang.

President of the association, Shahnawaz Hassan handed a memorandum to the senior police official. He said that the city police have failed to nab the real culprit and are targeting an innocent person like Agrawal who at present is in Vellore for the treatment of his wife.

Police today arrested two persons for allegedly spreading false messages about child-lifters on WhatsApp, including some in rural belt of the district leading to the lynching of four persons under Rajnagar thana area in adjoining Seraikela-Kharsawan district and three persons at Nagadih under Bagbera thana area on May 18.

The police claim that the fatal assault of a 40-year-old man by a mob of villagers on suspicion of being child lifters at Jadugora in the night of May 10 was covered in a section of local vernacular dailies. According to Hasan, the police should have alerted the security after the incident.

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