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Police launch drive against pressure horns and fancy number plates


Jamshedpur , Oct. 3 : City police on Monday launched a crackdown on pressure horns and fancy plates to nab rogue drivers during the ensuing festive season.

On the directive of city SP Prashant Anand, the drive was conducted by traffic police to deter youths from using pressure horns and fancy numbers plates which creates inconvenience for commuters and also makes it difficult to identify the errant driver after a mishap.

Prashant Anand said that orders have been issued to keep extra vigilant against those found using fancy number plates and pressure horns during the routine checking drive.

It has been seen that rogue drivers after committing mishap or miscreants after committing crime escape from the spot in the cover of fancy number plates as it is very difficult for passersby to identify the registration number.

He went on to add that the police department has been receiving complaints from residents about unnecessary blowing of pressure horns which creates lot of noise on city roads by heavy vehicles, especially private buses. Also, many vehicles, especially two-wheelers, generate tremendous amount of noise as they tamper with the silencers. Those guilty of not bothering to contain thick exhaust fumes will also be fined.

A Supreme Court ruling, under section 119 (2) of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, has banned the use of hooters and pressure horns within a 100m radius around schools, hospitals, and residential and commercial areas. Using pressure horns is also an offence under section 190 (2) of Motor Vehicles Act (1988).

Surprise inspection on roads will be carried out simultaneously at five traffic police stations at Jugsalai, Bistupur, Golmuri, Sakchi and Mango.

Another official said that in Jamshedpur the decibel level in commercial and residential areas is at least 15-25 decibels level higher than the prescribed norms stipulated by Central Pollution Control Board and pressure horns be it on two-wheelers and private buses are the major factors for noise pollution.

�We will be intensifying the drive during the puja and all the five traffic police stations have been asked to focus on fancy number plates and pressure horns along routine checking against helmetless bikers,� said DSP traffic Vivekananda Thakur.

Incidentally, there are five traffic police stations in the city, namely, Sakchi, Bistupur, Jugsalai, Mango and Golmuri.

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, the registration letters on a number plate should be in black against a white background for cars and two-wheelers, and black against yellow for commercial vehicles. Vehicles should also properly display number plates in front and on the rear portion.

Moreover, fine for riding without helmet is Rs 300 while that for unauthorised parking is Rs 500. The move was welcomed by commuters.

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