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Pledge to restore SCCI’s credibility lost through two years: Suresh Sonthalia

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Jamshedpur, Sept 25: Suresh Sonthalia, a candidate for the SCCI presidency in the 2023-‘25 elections, held a press conference in Bistupur on Monday wherein he expressed concern over the Chamber’s declining credibility during the two-year tenure of Vijay Anand Moonka. He stated, “A growing sense of distrust has permeated the business community, stemming from actions perceived as compromising the respect of businessmen for personal gain. His tenure has been marked by attempts to solicit favour and support from prominent national figures, including the Prime Minister, Lok Sabha Speaker, Union Railway Minister, State Governor, MPs, MLAs, and other dignitaries, under the pretext of celebrating the Platinum Jubilee Mahotsav of the Chamber. This move was made without taking the members of the Working Committee into confidence and led to a perception that the Chamber was seeking personal benefits from its programs under Mr. Moonka’s leadership.” Sonthalia pointed out that while the Chamber’s Golden Jubilee was celebrated in 2001, the Platinum Jubilee should be observed in 2026.

Sonthalia further underlined the disappointment among traders due to the perceived lack of support from the current President during a critical incident involving traders in the city. “The importance of traders’ dignity and self-respect is of paramount importance. But Mr Moonka’s tenure has been that of compromise and this was derogatory towards the tradres’ dignity.” Sonthalia reiterated his team’s commitment to rebuilding the Chamber’s reputation among businessmen, expressing confidence in their victory and anticipating strong support from traders. When questioned about priorities, he said, “Our key initiatives would be concentrated on  strengthening small traders, engaging with top Tata company officials to boost the city’s business growth in parallel with Tata Steel, advocating for simplification of GST through a state-wide movement, providing Chamber members with insights into online marketing and conducting business, offering education on utilizing Artificial Intelligence in business, collaborative efforts to address issues in Sakchi Bazaar including vending and footpath business, establishment of a cold storage chain in Jharkhand, Promoting EV and semiconductor manufacturing in Kolhan to create a manufacturing hub, emphasizing investment in green energy, pursuing the construction of an airport in Jamshedpur.”

The other candidates of Team Sonthalia present at the press meet were General Secretary candidate Bharat Vasani, Treasurer Kishore Golchha, Vice Presidents Mahesh Sonthalia (Industries), Dilip Golchha (Tax & Finance), Nitesh Dhoot (Trade & Commerce), Satyanarayan Agarwal (PRW), and Secretary candidates Sanwarmal Sharma, Pawan Sharma, Ramu Debuka and Piyush Choudhary.

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