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Pipeline repairing work leads to traffic snarls at Jugsalai

Jamshedpur, June 30: The pipeline repairing work near the roundabout linking Tatanagar Station to Jugsalai lead to traffic jam for nearly an hour this morning.

The South Eastern Railway (SER) embarked on pipeline repairing work since last night, which blocked the road leading to the traffic jam between 9 a.m. till 10 a.m. and intermittent traffic snarls.�

The roundabout on the road connects Tatanagar Station to the commercial hub of Jugsalai and also used by road users from commercial hubs of Bistupur.�

A traffic constable deployed admitted the fact that traffic congestion have become a regular phenomenon. �With expansion programs of Tata Steel and other companies, there has been a rise in the number of heavy vehicles.

The pitiable road condition is also to be blamed as it often causes breakdown of vehicles,” he said.

Ramesh Kumar, a resident of Pursudih was returning home after attending a class. But, he got trapped in a traffic jam. Normally, the auto-rickshaw, which ferries him take about half-an-hour to drop him home. But, today it took over two hours.

DSP traffic Vivekananda Thakur said, �We tried our best by deploying traffic constable from our Jugsalai traffic police outpost.

However, due to heavy traffic load we could not completely check traffic snarls throughout the day. The railways should carry out such repair work in the night when the traffic volume is less,� said.

�Traffic management is one of the biggest challenges during monsoon. Traffic diversion, which the traffic administration is talking about as part of arrangement during the important days is not effective in solving the problem faced by commuters,� Babu Mukherjee.

A section of commuters also blamed the traffic department for its inability to control the situation. �There would not have been such a chaos had there been traffic constables to manage the situation,” complained a commuter.

Traffic police were deployed to control the situation two hours after the jam began. A section of youths also volunteered in managing the traffic.

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