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People reaping benefits of Govt’s policies: Congress spokesperson

Mail News Service
, Nov 21: Jharkhand Pradesh Congress Committee (JPCC) spokesperson Manoj Kumar Yadav, on Thursday claimed people are reaping benefits of different wlafare schemes of the Union Government.

He expressed confidence that implementation of the National Food Security will spread a greater level of satisfaction among the people. He released a 12-page booklets highlighting the Congress-led UPA Government’s welfare schemes with focus being the recently passed National Land Acquisition Act and the Food Security Act.

Yadav said that the Government wants to strengthen Public Distribution System (PDS), through which the benefits of the food security act would be reached out to 70 per cent populace.

He went on to add that the state government’s co-ordination committee is likely to be in place by this month end and the initiative to implement the Food Security Act in the state will pick up pace.

Addressing the media while releasing the booklet that contains the details of the achievements of Dr Manmohan Singh led UPA Government at the Center, Yadav said his party would ensure comprehensive implementation of the Food Security Bill in the state.

Under the National Food Security Bill, 2.4 crore individuals or 75 percent of the state’s 3.2 crore population will get 5 kg per person per month of rice or wheat.

In Jharkhand, 87 per cent of the state’s rural population and 60 per cent urban population will be covered. “The progress of the government is slow however after the coordination committee is constituted it would gain the pace,” said Yadav adding that the idea behind the compilation of the 12- page booklet is to reach to the common man particularly the villagers so that they are better informed about the pro people achievements of the Union government.

The 12-page booklet con- tains synopsis of Land Acquisition Bill and National Food Security Bill and few other populist schemes of the UPA government.

“No we are not overlooking the popular schemes and programmes of the incumbent (Soren) government,” replied Yadav when asked whether Congress is only focusing on publishing the achievements of the Central government.

He however added that the subsequent editions of the booklet will carry the synopsis of the popular schemes of the state government.

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