Monday, February 6, 2023

Parents forum alleges DAV Public School NIT of charging fees


Jamshedpur, Feb 26: Jamshedpur Abhibhavak Sangh president Umesh has alleged that DAV Public School located inside NIT Jamshedpur campus at Adityapur has charged whimsical fees from parents during Covid-19 pandemic. 
A delegation of the sangh submitted a memorandum to the deputy commissioner informing about harassment and financial problem faced by parents during Covid-19 lockdown  and the charging of fees even during the period when the school was closed is against the directive of the state government. 
The delegation also alleged that the school management is exerting pressure on the parents to pay the fees under different heads and those parents who are not able to pay the fees their names are being deleted from the online classes and from the online exams. 
The delegation has requested the deputy commissioner to intervene and direct the school to charge only tuition fees and pay back the other fees to the parents or adjust in the other month tuition fees and not remove students from online classes and exams. 


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