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Over 150 kids participate in Jamshedpur FC�s football festival in Gorgora

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Jamshedpur, June 14: Jamshedpur Football Club along with Tata Steel Rural Development Society (TSRDS) organized a football festival in Gorgora Ground, Dimna, Mango as over 150 kids participated. 

With over 20 different types of games set up, the kids were given a taste of all basic aspects of grassroots training � Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Decision Making (A-B-C-D) � as the parents looked on with anticipation and pride.

TSRDS have set up 12 centers across Kolhan region with 1200+ kids of the age 3 to 12 years old registered and training regularly. Jamshedpur FC is helping TSRDS as a technical partner as the coaches are educated and given a curriculum to follow as well as executing football festivals.

The festival was organized by Kundan Chandra, Head of Grassroots, Jamshedpur FC and Kausar Ahmad, Sports Organiser, TSRDS alongwith the support of Amit Tirkey, Empowerment Head, TSRDS. 

The kids and parents participating in the festival were graced with the presence of  Mukul Choudhari, CEO, Jamshedpur FC, Carlos Santamarina, Head Coach, Jamshedpur FC Youth Teams (Tata Football Academy), Prashant Godbole, Head, Marketing & Operations at Jamshedpur FC, Raja Bhattacharjee, Sr. Manager, Operations and Souptikk Daas, Sr. Manager, Media and Communication at Jamshedpur FC. 

Amit Tirkey, had some words of inspiration for the parents and the kids as he addressed the crowd after the festival. He said, �It�s great to see the enthusiasm of the kids and the parents out here. Whenever I see the kids enjoying and training with us, it gives a great deal of satisfaction to everyone involved.�

Mukul Choudhari was ecstatic to see the numbers come from such distances, �I am so happy to see the kids playing in the red jerseys � it�s like a red wave of fun. I would like the parents to keep the enthusiasm towards sending their kids for training high all the time and provide with the same amount of motivation as they give for education.� 

It was a welcome surprise for everyone present as they welcomed Carlos Santamarina. The Spaniard was overwhelmed to see the response and greeted the crowd with, �Johar!� 

�It�s great to see the hardwork going on here. I hope to see future stars coming out of this massive project of Grassroots & Youth football initiated by the club. Someday, one of these kids will be playing with us at Jamshedpur FC and Tata Football Academy.�

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