Tuesday, February 7, 2023

No safety for workers at Balaji Iron ore Mines, Noamundi


Noamundi, March 10: The safety of labourers at Mines is paramount and the Metalliferrous mines Regulation Act 1961 (182 and 182A) which governs the mining law, clearly says that no persons shall be allowed to go into or work in a mine unless he wears a protective foot wear and a helmet of such type as may be approved by the chief safety inspector and special order in writing’.

In view of the enacted law, the mines lessee is openly violating the Mines safety norms in the precinct of mines. Its example is visible in lessee Anil Kherwal‘s Balaji Iron ore Mines, Noamundi Vasti, The mines lessee forces the labourers to work at the mines without helmet, protective footwear, hands glove and safety glasses.

Adivasi Association president and a social activist Ajay Tirya said, the working labourers of Kherwal Mines are not provided any safety equipment in the mines. The safety norms are violated at the mines of lessee Anil Kherwal ,Noamundi vasti with impunity .

The lives of the mining workers in Kherwal Mines( Balaji Iron Mines) Noamundi Vasti are at great risk. The lessee plays with the life of labourers. Mines safety and labourers department should take proper action against the mine lessee.

When Anil Kherwal was contacted he seemed reluctant to say anything in this connection. The mines owner who is making huge profit from the mines but the lessee completely breach the law of Mines safety and labour law established in the Indian Constitution.

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