Monday, January 30, 2023

No polythene campaign for a cleaner and greener city

Jamshedpur: An intensive campaign against polythene is going to be launched on a massive scale in the city this month under the leadership and guidance of the district administration.

The deputy commissioner of East Singhbhum Amit Kumar will be leading the campaign aimed at preventing and discouraging the use of polythene to save the environment from its hazardous effects.

The campaign, which will continue till 30th September, will be run with the support of various social, corporate and student organizations apart from unions, residential committees and other organizations.

The city residents will also be appealed to celebrate No Polythene Day on 2nd October, sources said. The purpose of the campaign is to create greater awareness among the people on the hazards of polythenes and their continued use.

Under the drive, shopkeepers and vendors will be asked to use bags made of paper or cloth in the place of polythene bags. People will be motivated to take paper bags or cloth bags for shopping.

Self help groups of women will be encouraged to prepare large envelopes and cloth bags to support the cause. For this purpose, a facebook page on ‘No Polythene Day’ has also been created to involve youths in the campaign, sources said.

District public relations officer (DPRO) of East Singhbhum Sanjay Kumar has held talks with several city organizations in the last few days in order to make the forthcoming campaign a grand success.

He said around one dozen organizations have shown interest in joining the campaign. He said the manufacturing, storage, distribution or use of plastic bags having thickness of less than 40 microns will be discouraged.

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