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NML Jamshedpur: International Conference focuses on Corrosion and Coating


Jamshedpur, Dec 8: The International Conference on Corrosion and Coating (i3C), organized by the Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) Jamshedpur Chapter in association with Tata Steel Ltd, CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (CSIR-NML), Jamshedpur, and NIT Jamshedpur, kicked off today at CSIR-NML Auditorium. Around 250 participated from several leading global organizations.

Dr. Kamachi Mudali, Vice Chancellor, VIT Bhopal was the Chief Guest during the valedictory function. Dr. Mudali delivered a lecture on High performance Coatings for Aggressive Corrosive Environments. He explained how high Phosphorous containing pig iron-based low-cost and nanocrystalline coatings could substitute zinc coating with its excellent corrosion and wear resistance properties.

Dr. Ivan Cole from RMIT University, Australia highlighted the Inverse design of Corrosion inhibitors on active metals.

Dr. Siva Bohm of Imperial College, UK revealed the importance of high-quality graphene in corrosion protection and thermal conductive protection of Automotive parts and batteries.

Dr. Laha demonstrated the combined effect of amorphicity and porosity on the corrosion behavior of Fe-based metallic glass composite coating. Inhibiting corrosion of heat-treated mild steel rebar in chloride-contaminated simulated concrete pore solution using COW manure was presented by delegates. Organic, inorganic, and eco-friendly inhibitors were discussed at length in the conference.

Dr. R. Subasri from ARCI Hyderabad delivered a keynote lecture on Autonomous self-healing corrosion protection coatings.

On the day one of the conference, Dr. Debashish Bhattacharjee, Vice President of Technology and New Materials Business, Tata Steel Ltd, inaugurated the International Conference on Corrosion and Coating (i3C) at CSIR – NML Auditorium, Burmamines, Jamshedpur.

The auspicious event has been graced by Dr. Arvind Sinha, Advisor Management, CSIR-NML, Dr. AN Bhagat, Chairman, IIM Jamshedpur Chapter, Dr. Siddhartha Misra, Chairman of the conference and Dr. Raghuvir Singh, Convener of the conference.

Plenary speaker Dr. Frank Goodwin of International Zinc Association, USA discussed the advances in hot dip metallic coatings to produce lighter and stronger automotive parts without sacrificing manufacturability, durability, and cost. Another plenary speaker Dr. Indranil Chattoraj spoke about hydrogen embrittlement issues and hydrogen enhanced fatigue duplex stainless steels. The idea to mitigate the corrosion problems and challenges during galvanizing and galvannealing, corrosion protection of magnesium, high entropy alloys, and mild steel, were discussed in detail.

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