Thursday, March 4, 2021

NML celebrates 66th foundation day, highlights achievements

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Jamshedpur, Nov. 26: Jamshedpur-based CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory celebrated its 66th Foundation Day on Thursday at the NML auditorium with great pomp and show. Laboratory scientists, officials, retirees, invited dignitaries, academicians, researchers and about 265 students from local schools and colleges attended the function. Dr. T. Mukherjee, formerly deputy managing director, Tata Steel was the chief guest on the occasion.

While welcoming the gathering, CSIR-NML director Dr. S. Srikanth said, “Today it is a very special day not only for NML and CSIR, but also for the entire country. It is on this day in 1949 that the Constitution of India was adopted by the country.

The Government of India has decided to celebrate Constitution Day on November 26, 2015. Today we are also celebrating the National Milk Day in the memory of Dr. Verghese Kurien, fondly known as the Father of India’s ‘White Revolution.’ Moreover, we are also celebrating the memory of one of our own legends, our first Indian Director Dr. Balraj Nijhawan, who to a large extent can be credited to what CSIR-NML is today.”

T. Mukherjee delivered the Second BR Nijhawan lecture on the topic “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.” His lecture was very motivating for the youth and school children, as he narrated on the life and works of Mario Ramberg Capecchi, a Nobel laureate in medicine (2007), who started schooling at the age of 9 years after overcoming all unrest in the early years.

Mukherjee spoke on how Capecchi was able to overcome all the huddles in life with the guidance of James Watson. He also cited similar stories from the lives of the founders of today’s great Indian business houses like Dhirubhai Ambani, J R D Tata, Kiran Shaw, and also the ‘tea boy’ and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While summarizing his talk, Mukherjee said as a human race, we are different and have unique characteristics. For each one of us come from a certain background, but it is important for everyone to have a specific dream in life and then transform his or her dream into aspirations, find ingenious solution and achieve that dream.

Dr. S. Srikanth added, “We have built a strong foundation and a platform from which we can launch our technologies, but we still have a long way to go to achieve our goals and vision of CSIR-NML as a self-sustained technology centre. The Dehradun Resolution imposes a lot of pressure and responsibility on us.

However, the sustainability of the laboratory will depend upon our relevance and alignment with the national goals and priorities. In a few years from now, I believe that government funding will be restricted to the plan budget and each laboratory would be left to generate their annual recurring expenditure including salaries.”

The chief guest released a DVD on NML Technologies for commercialization to mark the occasion. The DVD contains information on NML recently developed and commercialized technologies such as column flotation technology for barite by M/S. Andhra Baryte Corp. Pvt. Ltd., Cuddapah; paving blocks from steel slag by M/S. Jajil Enterprises; commercial manufacturing of magstar equipment by M/S. Technofour, Pune; recovery of lead from zinc plant residue by M/s. Cinkon Zinc Lead Metals & Mining Industry Co., Turkey.

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