Tuesday, January 26, 2021

NML celebrates 65th foundation day, highlights achievements

Jamshedpur : The 65th Foundation Day of CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory(NML), Jamshedpur was celebrated today morning in laboratory’s auditorium.

CSIR-NML director Dr. S. Srikanth while delivering the welcome address mentioned about some of the notable achievements of the laboratory during the last year. Dr. Srikanth added, currently CSIR-NML has generated its resources above 30% of its budget and also reengineering its policy towards the achievement of the 50% from industrial sponsorship and internal funding.

Dr. Srikanth mentioned that several distinguished metallurgists from abroad guided the destiny of the laboratory in its formative years. Dr. Bal Raj Nijhawan, the first Indian Director of the laboratory set the pace for the rapid growth of the laboratory through the establishment of a number of pilot plants and facilities and initiating research programmes which were in consonance with the Five Year Plans of the young Republic of India.

CSIR-NML has many first to its credit such as Making the first sponge iron in the country, the first Commercial Al-conductors and Ni-free stainless steels, the first Magnesium production of India, the largest pig iron smelting and ferro-alloy pilot plants as well as the largest creep laboratory of India.

The laboratory established a number of pilot plants for generating process and engineering data required for the techno-economic evaluation of the processes.

Dr. Srikanth added, from the current year, CSIR-NML has institutionalized a Dr. B.R. Nijhawan Memorial Lecture after Dr. B.R. Nijhawan who passed away this year. Dr. Nijhawan is known for his vision especially pilot scale research, on mineral processing, low shaft iron making furnace, ferro-alloys, manganese, aluminizing, etc., which helped towards establishing of new plants and / or industrial problem solving in India. His efforts fostered the Indian Foundry Industry.

Dr. R. Krishnan, formerly Director, Gas Turbine Research Estt. Bangaluru & Naval Chemical and Metallurgical Laboratory, Mumbai, Chief Controller R&D, DRDO, New Delhi was the Chief Guest of the function and delivered the maiden BR Nijhawan Memorial lecture 2014 on “Energy & Environment”.

He added, Industrialisation has boosted the economy of several countries and helped to raise millions of people out of poverty; at the same time it has also become evident that this industrialisation has brought in its wake a degradation in the environment. It is not possible to say that we should cut down our requirements or produce less; we cannot go back to prehistoric days.

The solution lies in effective utilisation of renewable energy resources and at the same time do the best possible to mitigate the effects of pollution by controlling the emission levels.

Student Merit Award: Securing 85% ICSE/CBSE in Class 10th and 12th examination during 2014:- Gamharia Prakhar Sinha, Gamharia Kashish Komal, Gamharia Varun Nayar, Gamharia Saikat Pal, Gamharia Eisha Mandal, Gamharia Ankur Mehta, Gamharia Aanchal Dhawan, Gamharia Madhurima Roy, Gamharia Pamela Saha, Gamharia Snigdha Pathak, Gamharia Ramena Rishik, Gamharia Saurabh Hansda, Gamharia Aneek Konar, Gamharia Ujjwal Mahato, Gamharia Jasmine Kaur.

Securing 100% marks in any Subject in the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Class examination during 2014:- Gamharia Prakhar Sinha, Gamharia Kashish Komal and Gamharia Varun Nayar.

Admission in Institutions of National repute through competitive examination held during the year 2014:- Gamharia Ankur Mehta, Gamharia Saurabh Hansda and Gamharia Ramena Rishik.

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