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NHES inculcates healthy eating habit in children

Jamshedpur, Sept 12: The eating habit of children has drastically changed in recent times.

Poor eating habit and sedentary lifestyle caused by continuous evolution of high technology are some of the contributing factors to the increasing health problems worldwide.

To counter this problem Narbheram Hansraj Ebglish School (NHES) has adopted measures like inculcating healthy eating habit among children, conducting awareness sessions for parents and organizing healthy snack making competitions.

On 12th September, 2015 parents, teachers and students were invited to participate in the event ĎDrink and Salad Making Competitioní.

Result of healthy snacking-In Drinks- Decoration- 1ST Prize went to Mrs. Noori Parveen parent of Rehan Sani while Mrs. Soma Narayan (Teacher) was the runner-up.

In Taste- Mrs. Harsha Goel parent of Himakshi Goel was the winner while Mrs. Noori Parveen parent of Rehan Sani won the second prize.

In Salad contest- Decoration- 1ST Prize was won by Mrs. Noori Parveen parent of Rehan Sani while 2nd prize went to Mrs. Soma Narayan (Teacher). In Taste- Mrs. Bhupender Kaur parent of Tanveer Singh Dhanjal was the winner followed by Mrs. Anjana Choudhary (Teacher).

The judges for the event were Mr. Rajiv Wilson who is the executive Chef at Golden Leaf Resort, Jamshedpur and Ms. Gita Vagadia the owner Golden Leaf Resort, Jamshedpur.

A cooking session on healthy snacks was conducted by Mr. Wilson for parents, teachers and students. It was well appreciated by all.

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