Sunday, December 3, 2023

New Baradwari crossing near Sewage Pumping Station a veritable death trap

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur: On two earlier occasions, it had been pointed out through these columns that the four point crossing beside the New Baradwari Sewage Pumping Station is a veritable death trap with vehicles zooming across from all directions without even slowing down to check if the crossing is safe enough to proceed. Many accidents have taken place at this point, some grievous ones included. Local people, especially those living in the vicinity of this crossing, sigh resignedly as �hits and near misses� instances continue to dominate this �killer zone.�

JUSCO authorities do visit the Sewage Pumping Station regularly. Has this malice not been noticed by them? If not, then many of them have crossed this way. Don�t the authorities concerned feel that something has to be done to prevent the occurrence of recurrent accidents here?

JUSCO has been doing excellent work in the realms of providing facilities of every nature to the denizens of Jamshedpur and even areas not under its direct command. That is the Tata culture that has been nurturing the city through time. Well maintained streets are a part of such services.

If JUSCO constructs four speed breakers ahead of each point of the crossing, the problem would be appreciably solved. This is the need of this point. At least, �speed merchants� would apply rarely used braking systems to nip accident chances, hopefully, in the bud.

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