Thursday, December 7, 2023

MPIC 2016: Focus on techniques for corrosion control on 3rd day

Jamshedpur, May 26: The third day program started in the today morning with a presentation by Dr K. Gopala Krishnan, principal scientist, CSIR-NML, who highlighted a lecture on corrosion evaluation techniques and failure analysis.

Krishnan said various steps to be taken while doing a failure analysis visual observation of failed component, its past history, surroundings nearby, micro-structural changes from virgin material etc. He also discussed many failure analysis cases with case history, investigation report and recommendations of the findings. He also deliberated on use of mechanical working on Al-Zn-Mg alloy for improvement of corrosion resistance.

CSIR-NML senior principal Scientist, Dr. S.K. Tiwari focused on different techniques for corrosion control. He emphasized on design aspects and selection of proper material during the fabrication stage.

Proper design and material can solve many corrosion problems. He elaborated in depth on the utilization of cathodic protection and anodic protection for controlling the corrosion related issues, its advantages and disadvantages or precaution to taken during field installation.

The control of environment or addition of chemical inhibitors also can reduce the rate of corrosion appreciably.

Dr. Tiwari discussed different types of coatings and their application methodologies for corrosion control.

Chief scientist and head of the Corrosion and Surface Engineering, Dr. Suman Kumari Mishra talked on surface engineering for corrosion prevention.

She elaborated upon different techniques used for surface engineering of components and how to decide proper technique to be chosen for corrosion prevention.

She also discussed the results obtained in CSIR-NML through different methodologies for various applications.

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