Thursday, December 1, 2022

MNPS students launch Samjho Toh Express to promote friendship

Jamshedpur, Jan. 23: Students of the Motilal Nehru Public School launched “Samjho toh Express” on Saturday with a view to foster friendship and fraternity across the borders.

A press communiqué issued by the school stated, “In a society as diverse as India, the challenge is to ensure that this huge segment of our population becomes a vibrant, constructive force that can address social issues and create a more just, equitable and peaceful world. We strongly feel that a space needs to be created where young people can come together leaving behind their identities and make friends beyond labels.”

“Samjho toh Express” is an initiative that aims at cultivating cross border friendships through an experiential journey which will help the youth in reflecting and breaking the stereotypes that they hold for other communities, genders, castes, religions, ethnic backgrounds and much more. A journey through this campaign will help in internalizing the need to understand the ‘other.’

This event organized on Saturday at the school campus had various activities involved like wall painting, film screenings, metro advertisements, a walk on the friendship track etc.

On the occasion, MNPS school students brought their friends to the school campus and interacted with each other with the objective of understanding people from varied background and ethnicities. The students also created a wall magazine and moved on a friendship track in the form of a rally.

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