Thursday, May 19, 2022

MNAC to take action of Swarnarekha and Kharkai

Jamshedpur: The special officer of Mango Notified Area Committee (MNAC) Sanjay Kumar visited Swarnarekha River bank at Gandhi Ghat on Sunday and conducted a surprise inspection to make an assessment of daily pollution caused by individuals and various agencies.

He caught several people washing their vehicles on the river bank and warned them against polluting the river. He advised them to go to vehicle washing centres that followed norms set by the pollution department.

“The petroleum products leaking from vehicles and the soaps, detergents and shampoos used to wash vehicles also polluted the river. After adding permanent pollutants to water, it is very difficult to remove them with the help of water treatment systems. This pollution threatens to affect the health of humans as well as other animals and plants,” said Kumar.

Kumar was informed by several auto-rickshaw drivers that around 100 small and big vehicles were washed daily on the river bank.

He said very soon a board of ‘No Washing Zone’ will be put up at the river bank to discourage people from washing vehicles, animals and clothes in the river water. Publicity will also be done to make people aware of their duties. Fines will be levied on those still polluting the river, he said.

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