Tuesday, December 5, 2023

MNAC sanitation workers to become ‘Smart’

Jamshedpur, July 23: Mango Notified Area Committee (MNAC) has prepared plans to make the sanitation workers go smart, Special officer of MNAC Sanjay Kumar has issued orders to provide the sanitation workers with uniforms, gloves, shoes, helmets etc. All the workers will also be provided with identity cards, bank accounts along with all basic facilities and PF account. All the contracts have been told to have a biometric attendance facility for all the sanitation workers employed under them and have the registration done so that they can mark their daily attendance through the upgraded facility.

Before going to work the sanitation workers of all the wards the cleaner incharge and supervisor should inform the workers about the day plan. In any single day of the week the special officer Sanjay Kumar will have a meet with the sanitation workers and inspire them to do the work with spirit and also listen to their issues if any.

Sanjay Kumar further said that the department vehicle involved in picking up the garbage will be monitored through GPS for which the staff has been assigned the responsibility.

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