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MGM Hospital takes steps for bio-medical waste disposal


Jamshedpur, Aug. 13: The State-run MGM Medical College and Hospital will soon set up a new incinerator to meet the problem of bio-medical waste disposal.

The government medical college hospital on Friday floated tender in this regard which is expected to be installed in the next two months.

Superintendent of MGM Medical College and Hospital, Vijay Shankar Das said that the new incinerator will cost Rs 60 lakh.

“Incinerator is the need for the hour for us. The new incinerator for which we have floated tender will be electrified and well equipped with modern facilities. It will have a capacity to dispose -off 50 Kgs of bio-medical wastes beside other medical wastes at an hour,” said Das.

The hospital superintendent said that the new incinerator will also be installed at a new site. “As per the plans the unit will come up at the hostel for the ANM (ancillary nursing midwifery) trainees exist. We will get the ANM Hostel dismantle for making room for the new incinerator. The hostel will be located at another site in the hospital premises,” the superintendent informed.

The new incinerator, he said it would be 50 feet high where as the existing one is just 35 feet. He stated that as the proposed site for the installation of the new incinerator is at the corner most place of the hospital and will have a considerable height, it will hardly cause any health hazard for the patients.

In absence of a functional incinerator, the hospital used to get the bio-medical wastes disposed off at the incinerator installed at the medical college in Dimna by carrying them six kms through the densely-populated Mango locality.

“Bio-medical wastes like used gauze and bandages lying strewn, used injection syringes lying scattered and parts of human bodies like placenta are lying exposed on the hospital premises, causing serious environmental hazards.

At a several places, water-logging has generated ground for mosquito breeding. Uncleaned lavatories and shippage of rain water are also emitting offending smell through out the hospital premises. Immediate steps must be taken to ensure that new incinerator is set up,” said a Manoj Kumar, a human rights activist.

MGM Medical College and Hospital is a government hospital with the facility of 540 beds. Everyday around 1000 patients come here for treatment.

It may be mentioned that State Government governed Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College and Hospital, is an Indian medical school established in 1964. It is situated in the outskirts of Jamshedpur near Dimna. The college’s hospital is located in Sakchi.

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