Sunday, March 26, 2023

Mask compulsory for motorists, two-wheeler riders in Jamshedpur


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Jamshedpur, Nov 25: The central health ministry has clearly issued guidelines make it compulsory for motorists and two-wheeler riders to wear masks. However, there is a leeway provided for car drivers traveling alone in their vehicles with window glasses rolled up from not wearing masks but in case the panes are rolled down, they have to put on their face masks. Similarly other occupants of the vehicles too have to wear face masks. It has been clearly mentioned in the central ministry health directives that two-wheeler riders have to wear masks.

In this connection, DSP (Traffic) Shivendra explained that motorists, under any clause or condition have to wear masks. In case they are stopped at any check point and if they cannot provide logical answers, they will be liable to penalty under Clause 179 of IPC which also has provision of a fine of Rs 1,000. He said that presently, motorists without masks were being made aware of the hazards posed to their personal and community health but after a time, sooner than later, penal action would be taken against erring motorists whether they are driving alone or in company. DSP Shivendra further explained that even if a motorist, or for that matter, any individual was prone to visit public places and their were possibilities of catching the COVID virus whereby he or she could infect others.

Thus the law of wearing masks while out of home for all segments of vehicle users has been made mandatory.

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