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Maoists rebels target mobile tower in Jharkhand’s Goelkera 


Jamshedpur, May 17: In a concerning incident, Maoists rebels launched an attack on a mobile tower in the remote village of Goelkera, located in the West Singhbhum district. The incident occurred on Tuesday evening, causing significant disruptions to the region’s telecommunication services and raising concerns about the security situation in the area.

The tower belonged to Airtel installed beside a government school at Patunda village which falls in the Kolhan forest division where a big number of Naxals have been anchoring since January this year.

A senior police official confirmed the incident committed by the Naxals. “Whether the mobile tower was set on fire or blown up by explosives is a matter of verification. A police party accompanied by a contingent of paramilitary forces has already set out for the Patunda village.

According to sources, Patunda village is considered to be a naxal-infested village and a strategically important place. Sources said at about 6 pm on Tuesday an armed squad of Naxals arrived at the village and drove the villagers a little distance away before triggering explosives in the tower.

After the incident, the equipment of the tower caught on fire. The ultras also left a poster and left. Sources said the private telecom company had installed the tower four months ago, intending to augment the telecommunication system in the region. The tower was yet to be operational.

The poster, bearing the unmistakable insignia associated with Maoist groups, contained messages advocating for their cause, along with warnings to local residents and authorities. The presence of such propaganda material suggests a renewed effort by the Maoists to assert their presence and influence in the area.

Law enforcement agencies have taken immediate action following the recovery of the poster. Additional forces have been deployed to the region to augment security measures and intensify surveillance. The local police have initiated a thorough investigation to determine the origin of the poster and gather any pertinent information that could aid in apprehending those responsible.

Upon receiving information about the incident, a police team rushed to the site. Security forces cordoned off the area and initiated a search operation to apprehend the perpetrators behind the attack. The investigation into the incident is currently underway, with authorities working to gather evidence and identify the individuals responsible.

It may be mentioned here that a large number of Naxals have entered into Kolhan and adjoining Porahat forest divisions having planted an unspecified number of IEDs in the forest cover since January this year, leading the police and paramilitary forces to launch a concerted operation to flush them out.

The Naxal rebels, also known as Maoists, have been involved in a prolonged insurgency against the administration. They often target critical infrastructure and security personnel, aiming to disrupt governmental functions and assert their influence in these areas. Mobile towers have previously been a target of their attacks, as they view them as symbols of connectivity and modernization.

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