Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Management by Idiots sells like hot cakes

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New Delhi : The book Management by Idiots, written by Dr Arup Roy Choudhury , CMD, NTPC and Chairman DVC has been sold out.

According to McGraw Hill, the book which was launched on Nov 8th by Padma Bhushan Dr. E Sreedharan is being reprinted now so that the book is available in the market by the first week of December.

Dr. Roy Choudhury presented copy of his book to Shri Sushilkumar Shinde , Union Minister of Home Affairs recently.

The book is a short book consisting of 20 chapters. Written for today�s reader who is hard-pressed for time, the book is dotted with enriching thoughts and striking illustrations The book reaches out to anybody who is willing to think differently, students, young executives, and anybody striving to cope with the demands of the corporate world.

Dr Arup Roy Choudhury has an illustrious career spanning more than 34 years, and has been holding the position of CEO for over 12 years. The book shares his experiences that has helped him at work.

According to Dr Sreedharan, �This book will be really a good inspiration to young… young technocrats particularly. Practical tips… how to handle a situation.

And the tips to handle situation means mainly the tips to handle the people who are manning the situations. That is what he has been telling.�

In management circles also, this book has found takers. Padma Shree Dr Pritam Singh remarked after reading the book that �To say something which can be comprehended by the common people, it requires tremendous amount of endowment. That�s where I find the language fascinating… . it flows in a rhythmic fashion like a river. And I say that it�s a great book …

The author says � I am no management guru. Management experts may call people like us idiots, hence the title. I have shared experiences and insights that have helped me at work.�

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