Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Man held for giving shelter to criminals


Jamshedpur, Jan 10: The incidence of murder, robbery and attempt to murder in recent days which left the steel city residents in shock and the person who was giving protection to the main accused of the crime, giving wrong information to the local head of the area and becoming guarantor of vehicles purchased through robbed money, Vinod Kumar Singh, resident of Harharguttu has been arrested by police.

The police have recovered Xerox copies of Aadhar Card of Mintu Gupta and Durga Prasad and also voter ID card Xerox of Vinod which have been made using wrong address.

In the same police have arrested and send Chotte Prasad to jail. SSP Amol V Homkar addressing the media persons about Vinod, said that the case was opened during the investigation, earlier sent to jail Chotte Prasad is friend of Vinod.

Knowing every incident of crime Vinod gave protection to the accused.

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