Monday, January 18, 2021

‘Make in India’ campaign is need of hour

The ‘Make In India’ campaign, launched by the prime minster Narendra Modi, is something that would go a long way in highlighting the need to focus on manufacturing. For too long India has neglected its manufacturing sector. It is now time it got its priorities right and brought the focus back on manufacturing, which is the soul of economic activities and heart of any booming economy.

The prime minister seems to have made the right plans for economic revival of the country. He has made the right noises at the right time and has provided a ray of hope to the disappointed manufacturers.

India’s topmost industrialists attended the launching of Make In India campaign and it shows that the government is keen on taking the industrialists along during this journey.

Everyone knows that the journey to make India stronger in manufacturing sector would require a lot of ground work. The best part is that the government is getting its act together and is taking quick decisions on time. Boosting manufacturing within the country is the need of the hour.

The urgency with which the prime minister and the government have been pushing the case for indigenous manufacturing is noteworthy. If accompanied with the right policy decisions, this emphasis on manufacturing would pay quick dividends and would have the potential of ensuring rapid progress for the country.

The best thing about this prime minister is that he focuses on the priorities that need to be stressed. However, he does not give anything or anyone undue weightage. So, the prime minister does not seem too keen on making grandiose announcements or distributing freebies. For him, giving a boost to manufacturing means taking quicker decisions, giving permissions and certifications within a time limit and removing administrative hinderances.

It does not mean that the government would go out of way to woo the industrialists. It only means that the industrialists would be given the right condition to invest and implement their projects. And this is what is needed in this country. Right mix of judicious policy making and innovative thinking would take Indian manufacturing to newer heights.

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