Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Loyola School Jamshedpur students present skit against child labour

Jamshedpur, June 27: Loyola School observed International Day against Child labour at its campus on Monday, June 27. In order to create awareness about this burning issue, the students put up a ‘Nukkad Natak’ in the morning assembly.

The natak was titled: ‘Two tales of One City‘. The play traced a typical day in the life of two entirely different children from the same city. One a rich spoilt kid and another, a child struggling to work hard to earn his next meal.

Through this poignant play the children made their peers aware of how lucky they are to belong to well off families and be able to study in a good school.  The play was directed by Aditi Roy, a senior English teacher.

World Day against Child Labour is observed on June 12 as a day dedicated to creating awareness about the menace of child labour and human trafficking.

The theme for this year is “Universal Social Protection to End Child Labour”. 

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