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Life slowly moving to normalcy in Kathmandu

By Anil Giri
Kathmandu, April 29 (IANS)
Life in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu is slowly moving towards normalcy on Wednesday after the Himalayan nation was hit by a devastating earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale on April 25.

Over 600 aftershocks of relatively low intensity created fear among the public. However, the aftershocks have stopped repeating from Tuesday.

Some shops opened on Wednesday morning and vehicles were also plying on the road.

Electricity is restored after four days and telephones are working.

But some essential supplies like drinking water, dry food and milk is not available in the market.

Meanwhile, thousands of people from Kathmandu are queueing in major outgoing points since early morning as the fear of quake still looms large.

The government, in association with several organisations, has arranged 500 free buses to various destinations outside the valley.

“To help the people to reach their families outside the capital, the government will provide free transportation to them,” said a Nepal government statement.

With the government decision, thousands of people who come here to earn bread and butter are leaving the capital city.

People fear that Kathmandu would be hit by epidemic.

PABSON and NPABSON, two umbrella organisations, are also providing free bus services.

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