Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Lady Gaga to share her sexual abuse story with Piers Morgan

Los Angeles, Dec 14 (IANS) Singer Lady Gaga has agreed to a sit-down interview with Piers Morgan on the subject of sexual abuse and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after he expressed his doubts about her rape claims.

The singer recently confessed that she has suffered from PTSD after being raped as a teenager, but the revelation was met by scepticism by Morgan, who suggested her claims should be taken “with a pinch of salt” until they had been proven.

Gaga offered to share her story with him with a post on Twitter on Tuesday, reports

She posted: “Piers Morgan I’ve work w/our VP Joe Biden on helping educate people about why women don’t report, would love to share it w/ you some time.”

“OK, you’re on. Let’s do an interview about this and you can tell me why I’m wrong to be sceptical,” Morgan responded.

The singer also said: “Piers Morgan would also love to talk with you about PTSD, that it’s not just a ‘military’ disorder. There is a mental health youth epidemic.”

To that, Morgan fired back: “I know numerous soldiers with PTSD, it’s a very serious thing. I also know people who claim to have it but clearly don’t. Let’s talk.”

Gaga added: “Piers Morgan if anyone in your family suffers from it, I pray they have more good days than bad. It has affected me and my whole family.”

Morgan, 51, appeared pleasantly surprised by the pop star-turned-actress’ willingness to engage in a discussion, and was quick to take her up on the offer.

He wrote: “OK Lady Gaga, we have a deal. I’ll get my people to contact your people. It’s an important debate.”

Gaga said: “Piers Morgan Let’s do that and yes Mr. Morgan, I can handle you. Surprised you would question that. Was that the first question of our interview?”

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