Friday, May 14, 2021

Lack of currencies in banks and logistic issues at ATMs forced people to suffer

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Jamshedpur : Crisis of currencies in banks and logistic issues at ATMs forced people to suffer. Queue grew longer in front of the banks and post offices today.

Even few of the ATMs which opened today (near SBI Bistupur, ICICI Bistupur) also witnessed long queues as most of the around 500 ATMs remained closed for the third consecutive day over logistic issues like configuration of ATM cassettes and manpower crisis for cash evacuation and cash filling.

People were seen struggling for cash. Queues in front of nearly all the over 300 private and nationalized spilled on to the roads, was common when the banks opened first time after demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currencies.

State Bank of India chief manager, Kumud Jha explained the banks position. We are working hard to ensure that people dont suffer.

Things will become normal gradually. It was not possible to open ATMs with new denomination of notes within 48 hours (after two-days closure as announced by Government).

We have outsourced service provider (private agencies) who carried out cash evacuation and made the balance in each ATM zero through software from the SBI main branch through our server. Gradually, ATMs will become operational across city by this evening or by tomorrow morning, said Kumud Jha.

I am struggling for rupees and have no choice but to stand in queue. I turned up at the HDFC Bank branch in Sakchi I was surprised. Yesterday the queue was near the gates of the bank and today it was virtually running along the road, said a resident.

A large number of people who thronged different ATM centers in the town were disappointed a lot as most of the ATMs remained closed here putting the people to hardships.

Following announcement that the ATM centers will start functioning from this morning and Rs.2000 could be withdrawn, a large number of people thronged the ATMs right from early this morning.

However,most of the ATMs of nationalized banks remained closed and only the ATMs of a few private banks were functioning today. According to bank officials, all the ATMs will start functioning from this evening after the process of deposit by the customers was completed.

An executive, wanted to check out if the ATMs were giving money as was announced by the banks. He checked out two ATMs in his vicinity in Juhu. “Some of them were shut and had a board outside stating that the ‘ATM is closed’ and the ones that were opened did not have cash. I requested for amounts below Rs 2,000 and yet the ATMs did not have the cash,” he said.

He said that he was not in need of money but was ‘checking out’ to see if the ATMs had the money to dispense as banks had promised that ATMs would be functional from today in media reports and repeated text messages to its account holders.

Most people had similar experiences to share. “It is the middle class who are being affected,” said Rupa Vikram, an office-goer who was moving from one ATM to the other only to be met with boards that said it was shut and finding no cash in the ATMs that were open. “I am unable to go to work as I have two Rs 500 notes which are useless now. I have called my office to say I would be late as I am at an ATM. But I don’t think I will be able to attend office today at all,” she said.

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