Wednesday, February 8, 2023

KPS students visit NML to study R&D activities


Jamshedpur : A batch of 66 students of Std. X from Gamaria based Kerala Public School accompanied by four teachers- Shri Santosh Kumar, Shri Dilip Kumar Sharma, Pinkee Singh and Archana visited CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jahedpur and interacted with the scientists and research fellows under the aegis of School – NML Interactive Prpgramme sponsored by NASI, Allahabad.

The students and teachers were thrilled to see the different experimental set-ups and availability of sophisticated equipments ,some of which they knew through books only. Therefore it was a memorable moments for them. The programme was scheduled for four and half hours, which comprised of an overview of Indian Science and Technology, Audio Visual Presentation, Documentary film shows, visit to NML Museum / Archive and selective units of the laboratory.

Dr. N. G. Goswami, Chief Scientist and NML Coordinator of the programme, motivated the students explaining about the importance of science learning by citing lively examples related to day to day life activities and how it can change our life, environment and society. Most of the students were of the view that visit to the laboratory gave them a brief idea of how one can plan and get prepared to take further course of study after they pass out the Board exam.

Subham Singh, a student said, ” The presentation on CSIR and NML was very fascinating and motivating. We were given to understand the entire functioning in CSIR ranging from Genetic engineering – drug research- aerospace- mining, minerals & metals-health care- rural development- leather industry agro & food- ecology & environment to almost I believe everywhere in a very lucid manner”.

Another student Shri Arindam Goswami said , “What I loved the most is the way the things about science and future career prospect were explained. It was truly remarkable”. Susmita Mandal, another student said, “Visit to the laboratory gave us a real picture that how science and technology works hand in hand for the benefit of the common mass “.

“I used to think Science a very complicated subject. But, now I want to pursue science in a more meaningful way. I feel more inclined towards my future goals in life”, said Pooja Choudhary.

“The programme was an eye opener for me. I am deeply motivated”, said Anjali Rana – a student, after the visit. Shri Vivek Kumar said “The interaction has helped me to understand science in a better way. I never realized earlier, science was so closed to me, wonderful !”

The students expressed their feelings, asked number of questions, and got clarified them with the Scientists- Dr P N Mishra, Dr K K Sahu, Dr M K Jha, Dr A K Mahanty, R K Sahu ,Dr P K Roy, Dr S K Sahu , Dr J Konar and others.

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