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Kerala Public Schools first in Jamshedpur to introduce ‘Augmented Reality’ in classrooms

Jamshedpur, July 18: Kerala Public Schools (KPS) have adopted “Augmented Reality in classrooms”.

KPS Director, Sharat Chandran Nair, informed how Kerala Public Schools are always ready to embrace new age technologies for the benefit of children.

Addressing a press meet at KPS Kadma on Saturday, school director said, “This time it is “Augmented Reality”. While the school battles the challenges of fee collection & the serious fiscal deficit, Kerala Public Schools have always been empathetic towards the problems faced by parents and their stakeholders.The school is constantly striving to make Teaching –Learning  process pleasurable especially  when children have to sit for long monotonous hours in front of the mobile or computer screens.
KPS schools are the 1st chain of schools in Jamshedpur to have introduced “Augmented Reality” into the class rooms.”

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the biggest technology trends right now, and it’s only going to  get bigger as AR ready smartphones and other devices become more accessible around the world. AR experience includes 25% digital reality and 75% existing reality. It doesn’t replace the complete environment with the virtual; rather, it integrates virtual objects into the real world. 

Nair further said, “In our school the adoption and implementation of AR has led to better understanding of complex and abstract concepts as students are able to visualize them in reality and are able to comprehend  difficult topics quickly with 3-dimensional model representations. Augmented reality is a supplementary which amplifies teachers to conduct interactive and fun-filled classes.”
He went on inform that children are able to visualize the concepts much better, all complex topic can be understood for better learning outcomes. Children are able to comprehend the theories and thepracticals. The retention power increases which will help the child to score well in the examination. There is a lot of interaction and engagement of students. The glowing faces of students helps teachers to understand their inner joy and contentment of understanding the lesson.

Today, 95% of teens own a smartphone which is used for constructive results as well. Parents and teachers don’t have to spend extra on buying tools for interactive learning and teaching.

The practical knowledge, without any physical need for lab equipment, which students are gaining is an added benefit to the teaching- learning community. AR apps facilitates learning anytime and anywhere from smartphones. It is the best way to replace paper books, posters, huge physical models etc.

Augmented Reality has helped teachers in making lessons more interesting, interactive, and fruitful as quick attention of students‟ increases engagement levels. Teachers and trainers have become guides and facilitators to students. The teacher-student collaboration in classrooms have become better as digital elements in AR has the power to intrigue students.The glowing faces of students have helped teachers to understand the inner joy and contentment of the teaching imparted, said Principal of Kerala Public School Kadma Sharmila Mukherjee.

This facility helps children visualize the complex concepts and gives a 3 dimensional image to the objects for easy understanding. 
The feedback of the children, parents and teachers have been overwhelming.Augmented Reality has been incorporated in classes from Nursery to std. XII, she added.
The Academic Directors of Kerala Public Schools, Lakshmi were Rachna were also present for the press meet.

The Principals of Kerala Public Schools Kadma- Sharmila, Gamharia- Rashmi, Mango-Rupa, NML- Gurmeet & Burmamines – Harwinder along with the Head Mistress of Kerala Public School Kadma – Alamelu, Mango – Abha & Burmamines – Samuel were also present at the press conference.

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