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Jusco warns puja committees against illegal tapping of power


Jamshedpur, Oct 16: As the Steel City readies to plunge into the festive season with Durga Puja and upcoming Diwali, Jusco has issued guidelines/doís & dontís , to ensure smooth conduct of the celebrations ensuring personnel safety.

Jusco said it will take action against the puja committees securing electricity connection in an unauthorized manner.

Company issued a press release stating, to enjoy the festivities of the season and the Puja Pandals, help us to help you and your family remains safe and accident free.

Do not resort to illegal tapping of power from overhead electricity line or street lights as it would result into : tripping of power due to overloading causing total darkness in the pandal, Safety hazard for general public in crowded pandals, Fire hazards with loss of life and property of the surrounding areas and failure of Street Lighting causing inconvenience to general public.

The release further said, adhering to Road Safety is also essential during the cheerful festive season. Obey all traffic signals, boards and signs & Adhere to permitted speed limits, Don’t drink and drive, While driving, always carry your driving license and important documents such as your vehicle registration certificate, insurance certificate, road tax & P.U.C. certificate, Wear seat belts and helmets & Don’t use your cell phone while driving/riding.

If it is an urgent need, move to the left, halt and make the call, Irrespective of right of way, stay alert and be considerate to pedestrians, especially senior citizens, handicapped and children, Avoid parking on the road.

Use pay-and-park islands, Do not overload your vehicles-be it with passengers, Don’t make children sit on fuel tanks or stand in front of you, the rider and Slow down at zebra crossing and if it is required, do stop.

Jusco has also ordered appropriate action against organizers for not adhering to the rules under the provision of The Electricity Act 2003 if: Un-authorised electricity connection is found in decorating the Puja Pandal and its surroundings; the temporary connection is loaded more than the sanctioned load.

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