Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Jusco clarification on cattle death at NIT

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Jamshedpur, Sep 24:Jusco has been blamed for a few cattle�s death due to electrical shock at NIT Campus in Adityapur.

Offering clarification on the incident the company has issued a statement saying �Jusco supplies power to NIT Campus through underground cable till the campus boundary wall as bulk supply. The internal network within the campus is with NIT and JUSCO does not provide any network support inside the campus. The above mentioned incident does not pertain to Jusco�s network and is not responsible for the same.�

The company officials said that they had many times communicated in writing to Director, NIT about the unsafe condition of internal network, which might lead to some fatal accident. But in-spite of their regular written and verbal communication nothing has improved so far.

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