Thursday, September 21, 2023

Jubilee Park turns into hangout place for drug users

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Jamshedpur, July 11: Jubilee Park marked as city’s pride has recently been infringed by drug addicts. It has become a place for hooligans & weed smokers who amass in groups, this had made life difficult for the morning/evening walkers and specially the families who come to enjoy weekend evenings.

It disgraces our city’s name before outstation tourists. After receiving a series of numerous complaints on this issue, CCR DSP Jansita Kerketta raided the park on Saturday evening.

She was shocked to find that several groups had gathered to get indulge in weed smoking. She along
with police constables caught hold of a few miscreants.

She seized marijuana, chillums & certain illicit drugs from them. They nabbed two of the group leaders and took them to police station for further questioning.

Under the influence of drugs, few tramps even used foul words against the policemen.

One of them brought under the custody even fell at the feet of the officer begging for mercy & requested not to inform his family about the matter.

Nowadays more and more youths are becoming a victim of drug abuse. The administration should take control of the situation and launch drive against the youths involved in the case.

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