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JSA Premier Division: Gorachand scores hat trick

Jamshedpur, July 18: Team Tata Motors crushed NPSC by 6-0 in the Premier Division match of JSA Football League Championship played at JRD Tata Sports Complex on Monday.

Gorachand Mardi (J. No. 24) scored goals at 20th, 36th and 64th minute, Deepak Tudu (J No. 17) scored two goals at 24th and 59th minute and Jitendra Murmu (J. No. 8) scored at 48th minutes for Tata Motors.

Caution were Raisan Hansda (J. No. 15) at 76th minute of Tata Motors and Bablu Hansda (J. No. 5) at 45th minute of NSC. JSA Referees for the match was Akash Routh, Sushil Sardar, Siburam Soren and Sunil Karmakar.

In the Super Division match played at Gopal Maidan on Monday, team UFA beat TBC by 3 goals 2. For UFA Ganesh Bhumij (J. No. 15) scored the goal at 33 minute, Rajesh Kunkal (J. No. 8) scored at 73 minute and 81 minute.

For TBC goals were scored by Bishnu Bhumij (J.No. 11) at 44th minute and Rupai Hembram (J. No. 7) at 83 minute.

Caution Ghansi Ram Baskey (j. No. 17) at 80th minute of TBC and Mangal Bankira (J. No, 18) at 41 minutes of UFA. JSA Referees Junul Soy, Amrit Dang, Karu Murmu and Karan Hansda Karmakar officiated the match at Gopal Maidan.

In the A Division match played at Armoury Ground, team GFA defeated PRMMFC by 5 goals to 3. Pogeshwar Baskey (J. No. 7) scored the goals at 12th and 41st minute while Charan Singh (J NO. 10) at 14, 42 and 54 minutes for GFA.

For PRMMFC Ruyda Hembram (J. No. 8) scored at 36th minute, H C Soren (J. No. 15) at 49th minute and Mansingh Hembram (J. No. 5) at 72th minute.

Caution was Munna Ram Murmu (J. No. 10) at 27 and Shiva Barda (J. No. 12) at 49 minutes of PRMMFC. JSA Referees Sarkar Soren, Nakul Singh, Uday Bhumij and Surodipto Sarkar officiated te match at Armoury Ground.

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