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Jharkhand has the potential to become an industrial, tourism, education and health hub

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Jamshedpur, Nov 14: As the state celebrates its 22nd birthday, its priority list is quite clearly defined. With available resources and inherent potential of the state, Jharkhand is ready to speed up its growth rate with adequate support to its industrial, tourism, education and health sectors.

Speaking about the issues that need to be addressed to empower Jharkhand and trigger fast track development, Vijay Anand Moonka, president of the Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry said: “Each of these sectors need to be bolstered. For instance, increasing the number of multi-specialty hospitals in the state will definitely go a long way in providing better medical facilities to the people and ensuring that they do not need to travel to other states to avail treatment. This will also help boost income generated by this sector.”

To prevent brain drain, the SCCI president says, higher education institutions should be set up in the state. “Students from Jharkhand migrate to other states in search of higher education and that needs to be curbed by setting up reputable academic institutions that will cater to the necessities of the students. Not only will this help the students study at academic institutions closer home but the state will also benefit by being able to put better use to the talents and capabilities of the students. Revenue generated by the education sector will also be another benefit that will accrue to the state’s coffers,” he said.

Another priority for Jharkhand is to empower the state’s industrial capital, Jamshedpur, by setting up an airport. Fulfilling this long-pending demand of Jamshedpur’s industrialists, entrepreneurs and local residents will give wings to the city’s development and its dreams of achieving its true potential. “An airport will act as a shot in the arm for the aspirations of the industrialists, traders and professionals who now have to travel to neighbouring cities to board flights. Granting Jamshedpur’s wish for air connectivity will help draw more investments and new projects to the region.”

To ensure all-round development of Kolhan region, establishment of new industries is most essential. “Jamshedpur is an industrial city and setting up an MSME conclave here will help in speeding up its industrialization and attracting more industrialists and traders to the city. Providing infrastructural support like loading, unloading facilities for wholesalers will also help facilitating an increase in industrial activity of the region,” Moonka added.

Tourism potential of Kolhan is largely untapped and the potential for improving income generated by this sector is immense. “Jharkhand has been blessed with unparalleled natural beauty and this can be showcased best with facilities aimed to cater to the needs of tourists. For instance a ropeway connecting Dimna to Dalma and restarting boating services, setting up a good restaurant along with a guest house near the Chandil dam will prove to be a huge draw for tourists. Such practical interventions and upgradations of the tourism infrastructure will help attract domestic and international tourists to Jharkhand. With adequate encouragement and financial support the tourism sector can improve its revenue collections manifold and generate employment opportunities for local residents,” the SCCI president said. 

Improved electricity supply to Kolhan too can make a lot of difference. Moonka points out that electricity supplied to Kolhan comes at a premium. “Compared to other districts of Jharkhand like Bokaro, Ramgarh and Mahgama, the electricity supply rates are much higher for industrial units in Kolhan. This proves to be a hurdle that the local industrialists, especially the steel industry, have to deal with since they have to compete with other states where the electricity rates are not this high. If this disparity is evened out then Kolhan’s industrial sector will get the necessary boost and the region will also be able to attract new investments,” said Moonka.

Shifting focus to the food industry the SCCI president suggested that setting up food product testing laboratories and formulating food export policies will help the local food industries to turn national and international. “Earlier Kolhan used to have dry port facilities and that needs to be revived now. Availability of a dry port will increase exports from the region,” he added.

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