Friday, June 2, 2023

Jharkhand CM intervention to see safe arrival of 33 workers stranded in Mali, Africa


Agreement to ensures pending wages for all workers and arrival in flight till  Ranchi

Ranchi, January 19: Active intervention of Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren and initiative of the state labour department to coordinate with Indian Embassy in Mali has led to safe rescue and repatriation of 33 workers stranded in Bomako in Mali. 

During the launch of SRMI (Safe Responsible Migration Initiative) scheme in a program organized at Project Bhawan, Ranchi on 16th December 2021, Hemant Soren had expressed concern about the workers going from across the state to other states and abroad in search of work and that this scheme is being started for a permanent solution to the problems of migrant workers. It is our endeavor that if the labor or any worker of our state goes to any place outside the state for earning, then he should feel fearless and safe that the government of his state is with him in case of any kind of problem.

Before the start of this scheme and even after the start of the scheme, there were many such occasions when the workers trapped outside the state in any adverse situation requested for help from the state government and the Chief Minister showed full sensitivity in those matters for the safe return of the workers. ensured the arrangement.

On Sunday, Chief Minister Hemant Soren got information that 33 migrant workers of Giridih and Hazaribagh districts are stranded in the African country of Mali and they are not being paid for their work. Even after a lapse of more than three months, the company is not paying the wages to the migrant workers.

Chief Minister asked labour minister  Satyanand Bhokta to make arrangements for all possible help for the workers.

The labour department after ascertaining the contact details of the laborers through Twitter, directed the Labor Commissioner, Government of Jharkhand to contact the Indian Embassy in Mali.

After establishing immediate contact with the workers and getting detailed information about their problems, the Labor Commissioner, . A. Muthukumar contacted the diplomat of the Indian Embassy in Mali, Anjani Kumar, urging them to solve the problems of the workers.

The Indian Embassy in Bamako, Mali, took cognizance of the information given by the state government. Thereafter the embassy established contact with the workers and the company. Both the sides were invited for a meeting on January 18 to resolve the matter. During the meeting held in the mediation of the Indian Embassy, the officials of the company took the responsibility of paying the outstanding wages of the workers and arranging flight tickets from Mali to Ranchi for all the 33 workers.

Also, the company will be responsible for their accommodation, food and any kind of emergency arrangement till all these laborers stay in Mali till the flight is received. This arbitration letter was signed by a representative on behalf of the workers and a representative on behalf of the company. Also, two high officials of the Indian Embassy agreed to it.

The embassy has also directed the company to get the no dues certificate from the laborers and inform them after completing the arrangements for their return home.

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