Monday, March 27, 2023

JH Tarapore’s Anurag develops app to simplify school election procedure


Jamshedpur, June 17: J. H. Tarapore School had barely stopped basking in the glory of the international level awards of Google code, bagged by three students, Anurag Sharma, Sai Vineet and Kinshuk Kashyap in the last two years, when Anurag sprung yet another surprise.

He came up with the brilliant idea of simplifying the election procedure in the school with the help of a Web-based application, which he has christened “J.H.T.S ELECT”.

The computer teachers, who have tremendous faith in the boy, tested the application and found it foolproof and immediately proposed to the higher authorities to use this application for the forthcoming school elections. 

On Friday, the annual elections were conducted in the school and what normally takes two days to complete, including voting by the students and manual counting, took barely an hour!

Anurag expressed that all security measures had been taken care of while developing this user friendly, time saving application to make it foolproof and to avoid any kind of possibility of breaches.

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