Sunday, June 4, 2023

JH Tarapore student�s bid to conserve water


Jamshedpur, Dec. 9: A wing of the environment club of J.H. Tarapore School, �The Blue Crusaders� conducted an innovative project of water conservation in the town.

The students visited the Victoria Apartment in Dhatkidih and there they introduced half liter pet bottles filled with water into the cistern (flush tanks) of their washrooms. This would ensure that equivalent volume of water is NOT flushed out every time the flush is used.

Prior to this the Blue Crusaders had conducted this activity in the school�s washrooms and calculated that J. H. Tarapore School saved 160,000 liters of water in the last academic year, which is a commendable quantity of water saved.

This had also helped to save power as the overhead tank needed to be filled, less number of times. In the long run it saves on electricity bill as well.

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