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JH Tarapore reapplies for International School Award 2015-2016

Jamshedpur, April 15: JH Tarapore School has reapplied for the International School Award (ISA) 2015-2016 by the British council. It is a bench marking scheme that accredits school as having an outstanding level of International dimension in its curriculum. The school that wins this award will receive the ISA logo and will be known internationally.

This project aims to teach the students the value of diversity in cultures, help them develop various skills which are required to become a responsible citizen of tomorrow. One of the activities under this project was to put an exhibition to display their works. The students displayed their work in the form of charts, model and presentation. The various topics were- Seasonal Interval, Fiesta, Appetite, wonders of the world, Ayurveda, Temperature Transition, Child’s Rights, Electro crisis.

The students gathered information about Pakistani and Nepali cuisine and co-related it with Indian Cuisines.

In the Ayurveda project students re-searched  on various herbs used as home remedies in India and the partner countries ( U.K. and China ) which leads to the development and utilisation of traditional medicine in a meaningful manner in the national health care system.

In Temperature Transition project the students studied the climate change over the last decade in India and in Australia and New Zealand which gave them an idea of the global environmental issues.

The main objective of these projects was to instill a sense of global oneness. The different projects made the students realize about the common things between India and various other countries like U.K., U.S.A, China. 

Under this programme J.H.Tarapore School got an opportunity to partner with schools of other countries (China, U.K., U.S.A). Members of the school management, Parents, Faculty were all present to see the spectacular show.

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