Friday, September 24, 2021

Jamshedpur:Young men taken for Rs 20 lakh ride by fraudster

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, July 26: Twenty eight young men of East Singhbhum rural blocks have been taken for a ride by a fraudster Jabbar Singh a Sohda villager on the pretext of providing them cheap motorcycles. Jabbar Singh collected Rs 54 thousand in cash from each person. Sohda village is in Potka Block. The young men were given motorcycles but after the lapse of a few months they received demand notices from a bank in Sakchi directing them to pay installments for loans sanctioned against each of them. It was later found that Jabbar Singh had made Rs 20 thousand as down payment for the bikes and had the loans sanctioned in the names of the individual youth while he retained the rest amount that amounted to approximately Rs 20 lakh. The young men caught up with Jabbar Singh at his Sohda Kalikapur residence. Jabbar made excuses and finally absconded from the village. The defrauded youngsters have appealed to to MLA Ramdas Soren in writing through JMM block president Arjun Chandra Hansda stating the entire episode. In the meantime, the bank has seized the motorcycle of Bhogla Hembram for non-payment of installments. The 28 youth who had been cheated have appealed in writing to provide justice in the matter. JMM block secretary Baidnath Soren and the party’s youth wing block president Subodh Murmu were

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